Where To Buy Xango Juice In South Africa

Can I Buy Xango Juice Directly In South Africa?

Where To Buy Xango Juice or Mangosteen Juice in South Africa – Purchasing Wholesale Explained.

By registering and becoming a member of Xango Mangosteen you are able to purchase Xango Mangosteen Juice directly from the Company at cost prices.

Buy Xango Juice

Your product will be delivered  in South Africa no matter where, as well as over forty other countries globally. With delivery prices varying depending on your country of origin. Registering is simple! Complete the simple registration document or email us with your contact details and enough information to enable us to provide you with the assistance you require and explain to you how easy it is to buy your Xango Juice from within South Africa.

As a member of Xango, unless you are planning to create your own business empire from our product or to receive your monthly order for free, you do not have to sell or distribute Xango Mangosteen juice yourself.

As a member of Xango, you can be assured that you will be buying your Xango juice at the very best price and that you will receive your product at your convenience.
No matter what your intention, the Xango Marketing Scheme will benefit everyone who loves and enjoys the product and explain in detail where to buy Xango juice from within South Africa. The price of the Xango Juice will depend on your intentions.
If you intent to use Xango Mangosteen as a business tool, you know that the sky is the limit when you have the right product and the backing of an established company like Xango.

The compassion plan allows you to purchase your box of Xango Mangosteen juice with no breakage fees, no targets and no qualifications.
The cost to become a member of Xango will depend on your country of residence. To be part of this business opportunity in South Africa, the cost is R245.

Once you are onboard with being a member, Xango will provide you with an International ID number, which allows you to order four bottles of 750mls Mangosteen juice for the price of R1,108.55. This typically lasts for about one month if you consume 30mls of Mangosteen juice 3 x 30ml servings a day.

If you wish to purchase more than one box of Mangosteen Juice per month, we offer a sliding scale option. Should you wish to purchase, for example, two boxes of Mangosteen juice a month, the cost would be R2,117.10, which includes all fees and delivery to your door.

Should you require more information on the best possible prices, please contact us directly.
Xango Mangosteen Juice can be purchased by you as a customer or as a preferred customer.  As a Xango Mangosteen customer you can order your box of juice any time you choose, while still at the best possible rate.

The total cost of a box of juice would be is R1,308.55 a box, which includes all taxes and delivery to your front door. As a preferred customer, you can elect to participate in the Automatic Delivery Plan.

This allows you to order your box of Xango Mangosteen Juice every month at a cost of R1,208.55.
As a customer or preferred customer, you can purchase the juice you love however you choose at the best possible prices.

Xango Mangosteen juice can also be bought at retail and prices may vary depending on your country of residence. The recommended selling price for a 750ml bottle of Xango Mangosteen juice is between R350-R375. Purchasing at retail allows you to try the Mangosteen Juice without purchasing a box of juice. The Xango Mangosteen company policy states that no bottle of juice may be sold for less than R327.14.

Once you have tried the product, if you want the Xango Mangosteen juice at the best possible price be sure to join as a member as soon as possible.

Xango has many different membership options that will suit your individual needs. So when you come across someone who would like to know Where To Buy Xango Juice In South Africa – please feel free to direct them to this page or place an order from http://mangosteenjuicebenefits.co.za


Why Is Mangosteen Good For You

Why Mangosteen juice or Xango juice is beneficial to your health.

Why is mangosteen good for you?… Is a question we get asked numerous times a day. Research has been conducted and various reports written on the medical benefits of Mangosteen fruit. Researchers have begun to reveal the powerful scientific properties of the Mangosteen fruit. For years, the Mangosteen fruit was used by Asian natives to treat many different types of sicknesses and medical conditions.

For centuries, the rind of the Mangosteen fruit, called the Pericarp, was used as a treatment for dysentery, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections as well as for eczema and other skin conditions. The rind was also used to control fever and in the treatment of infections.

The Pericarp, peel, rind, hull or ripe is the nutrient dense portion of the Mangosteen fruit and has a unique antioxidant content. Concentrated sources of Xanothones, Flavonoids and Phytonutrients have been isolated from the Pericarp.

For centuries, those who used the Mangosteen fruit for medical reasons did not have any insight into the nature of the active ingredients and why they worked. As a result of the extensive research conducted throughout the world, we are able to better understand the remedies, preparation and medicinal dressings that were used by the Asian Natives centuries ago.

What is Mangosteen Juice


Another reason why mangosteen is good for you is because The Mangosteen fruit contains numerous Xanthones and extensive research has been done on the benefits of these Xanathones. The National Medical Library lists over 1500 research articles on Xanathones at www.pubmed.gov.

Drinking Garcinia Mangostana, the Mangosteen fruit in the proprietary formula of Xango Juice, aids in the absorption of the Xanthones and other nutrients, which is available to you on demand.

Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit

What are the benefits of Mangosteen fruit juice?

The Benefits Of Mangosteen Fruit or the name Mangosteen fruit is also known as Garcinia Mangostana. Today, Thailand is the world’s largest producer of Mangosteen. The locals in Thailand refer to the Mangosteen fruit as the “Queen of Fruits” and it is the country’s national fruit. Both Thailand and Indonesia lay claim to the Mangosteen as a native tree.

Benefits of Mangosteen JuiceThe size of the Mangosteen fruit is comparable to a tangerine. It is described as the world’s most delicious fruit and as a “Super Foods” by Dr. Oz. The rind of the Mangosteen is thick, tough and purple in colour. You eat the inner part of the Mangosteen fruit, which is white in colour and has a soft texture.

Mangosteen juice is made of the whole fruit puree of the Mangosteen fruit. Its fruit, including the rind and pulp, can be pureed together and is sold as a drink. Mangosteen juice products may also be mixed with other types of juice. While those living in the Western hemisphere are not that familiar with the benefits of Mangosteen Fruit, those living in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia value the Mangosteen fruit as a result of the role it has played in ancient medicinal benefits.

The Mangosteen fruit is also known for its medicinal benefits. The Mangosteen peel contains xanthoids and other phytochemicals having antioxidant properties. The white fruit and purple rind of this “gift from the rainforest” is used all over the world to improve the health as a result of the Xanthones found in Mangosteen.

Adding Mangosteen juice to your daily supplements allows individuals to obtain optimal health, without relying solely on nutritional supplements. The potent antioxidant power of the Mangosteen fruit has made it a promising supplement in the health and wellness field.