Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit

What are the benefits of Mangosteen fruit juice?

The Benefits Of Mangosteen Fruit or the name Mangosteen fruit is also known as Garcinia Mangostana. Today, Thailand is the world’s largest producer of Mangosteen. The locals in Thailand refer to the Mangosteen fruit as the “Queen of Fruits” and it is the country’s national fruit. Both Thailand and Indonesia lay claim to the Mangosteen as a native tree.

Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit - SA

The size of the Mangosteen fruit is comparable to a tangerine. It is described as the world’s most delicious fruit and as a “Super Foods” by Dr. Oz. The rind of the Mangosteen is thick, tough and purple in colour. You eat the inner part of the Mangosteen fruit, which is white in colour and has a soft texture.

Mangosteen juice is made of the whole fruit puree of the Mangosteen fruit. Its fruit, including the rind and pulp, can be pureed together and is sold as a drink. Mangosteen juice products may also be mixed with other types of juice. While those living in the Western hemisphere are not that familiar with the benefits of Mangosteen Fruit, those living in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia value the Mangosteen fruit as a result of the role it has played in ancient medicinal benefits.

The Mangosteen fruit is also known for its medicinal benefits. The Mangosteen peel contains xanthoids and other phytochemicals having antioxidant properties. The white fruit and purple rind of this “gift from the rainforest” is used all over the world to improve the health as a result of the Xanthones found in Mangosteen.

Adding Mangosteen juice to your daily supplements allows individuals to obtain optimal health, without relying solely on nutritional supplements. The potent antioxidant power of the Mangosteen fruit has made it a promising supplement in the health and wellness field.