Why Is Mangosteen Good For You

Why Mangosteen juice or Xango juice is beneficial to your health.

Why is mangosteen good for you?… Is a question we get asked numerous times a day. Research has been conducted and various reports written on the medical benefits of Mangosteen fruit. Researchers have begun to reveal the powerful scientific properties of the Mangosteen fruit. For years, the Mangosteen fruit was used by Asian natives to treat many different types of sicknesses and medical conditions.

For centuries, the rind of the Mangosteen fruit, called the Pericarp, was used as a treatment for dysentery, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections as well as for eczema and other skin conditions. The rind was also used to control fever and in the treatment of infections.

The Pericarp, peel, rind, hull or ripe is the nutrient dense portion of the Mangosteen fruit and has a unique antioxidant content. Concentrated sources of Xanothones, Flavonoids and Phytonutrients have been isolated from the Pericarp.

For centuries, those who used the Mangosteen fruit for medical reasons did not have any insight into the nature of the active ingredients and why they worked. As a result of the extensive research conducted throughout the world, we are able to better understand the remedies, preparation and medicinal dressings that were used by the Asian Natives centuries ago.

Why is mangosteen fruit good for you Another reason why mangosteen is good for you is because The Mangosteen fruit contains numerous Xanthones and extensive research has been done on the benefits of these Xanathones. The National Medical Library lists over 1500 research articles on Xanathones at www.pubmed.gov.

Drinking Garcinia Mangostana, the Mangosteen fruit in the proprietary formula of Xango Juice, aids in the absorption of the Xanthones and other nutrients, which is available to you on demand.